Service Offerings

At Tekzilver, we offer a number of services keeping in mind the needs of both, business and individual customers. In other words, we offer both B2B & B2C services for Indian as well as international customers. Most of our professional service offerings are designed to leverage current infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency, while at the same time cut costs. We do not believe operational efficiency always has to come at an additional cost. Most of our services come with enhanced 24x7 online & email support.

Web Services & Content Syndication

WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Your websites design is the manifestation of your brand’s persona and the most significant aspect of your digital presence. It not only communicates information about your products and services, but it also creates a general impression about your brand. Use of templates, colours, fonts, content, and overall visual appearance is of utmost significance when designing a website. We enable our clients to express the best versions of themselves through our designing and development services. Our clients provide us with their requirements, and we develop websites that custom fit into their specifications. We are open to suggestions at every stage during the development process. We develop websites that are interactive, responsive, easy to navigate, take minimal response time, and are 100% secure for transactions. We also provide web hosting services.

web design and content syndication

Our web design and development services include:
  • Business Website Design
  • Company Website Design
  • Personal Website Design
  • E-Commerce Website Design
  • College Website Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • WordPress Website Design
  • Joomla Website Design
  • Magento Website Design
  • HTML5 & CSS Website Design
  • PSD to HTML Website

WEB CONTENT WRITING SERVICES: Web content writing is extremely important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for engaging existing & potential customers visiting your website. With our SEO-rich, keyword-optimized content, we have helped thousands of customers to witness their websites soar higher up in the SERP. Apart from generating SEO-rich content, we also help websites to engage their visitors; our purpose is to ensure that your visitors turn into your customers, thereby boosting business. We pay attention to format, structure, and presentation of the content so that your potential clients find it convenient to scroll and scan through them without losing patience. The tone of the content would adhere to your specification: some businesses require a formal tone while others prefer to keep it nonchalant and interactive, we make sure that your website’s content remains true to your brand’s image. With the content we create, your website is guaranteed to gain exposure and our strategically developed SEO-rich content would stimulate the growth process of your business. For any queries, you can reach us and we will be glad to send you a free quote.

Our web content writing services include:

  • Web Article Writing
  • PR Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Testimonials
  • Business Profile Writing
  • Product Description & Review
  • Social Media Posts & Articles
  • Informative Articles
  • Presentations
  • Infographics

TECHNICAL WRITING SERVICES: We provide technical writing services related to the fields of computer science (software and hardware development), engineering, architecture, electronics, robotics, and several others. We cover instructions for simple and complex technical tasks, development of web pages, help files, and API guides; our technical documentation further includes the creation of memos, technical reports, datasheets, business proposals, product descriptions and specifications, white papers and case studies. We have expert technical writers working for us who combine profound technical knowledge with a flair for writing, making the technical documents & articles focussed, succinct, accurate, and easy to understand.

Some of the tasks that our technical writers are well-versed with include:

  1. Using programs to generate or modify illustrations with tools such as Adobe Robohelp, Photoshop and Illustrator
  2. Creating diagrams based on programs to provide visual aids with the help of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Visio
  3. Using word processors such as MS Word, Notepad++ and WordPress to create, format, and design documents
  4. Thousands of our loyal customers rely on us for their projects on a regular basis. Full credit to our excellent team of technical writers, editors, illustrators, and project managers who make it possible for us to deliver high-quality, error-free work always. Our technical writing services are cost-efficient and we always deliver on time.
Our technical writers hold years of experience in creating:
  1. Process Manuals
  2. Instruction Manuals
  3. Analysis Reports
  4. User Manuals

Online & Corporate Training for Individuals & Businesses

online & corporate training services

Corporate training has emerged as the need of the hour with more and more organizations investing time and money into it. With corporate training, it becomes possible for companies to cultivate targeted skillsets among their employees, which in turn serves to benefit the organization. We offer several corporate training programs which are goal-oriented and aligned to the needs of the organizations. Most of our corporate training services can be availed online while we offer on-site programs as well. One of the common corporate trainings that we deliver is software training where people are taught the functionalities and usages of softwares which they might be required to use in their everyday work. Next, there are soft skill training programs which are essential for every corporate workplace. Corporate employees need to develop seven crucial soft skills namely leadership skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, work ethics, teamwork, adaptability, and interpersonal skills. We offer world class soft skill training programs which you can avail at a competitive price.

Our cloud-based training programs are among the most popular ones since they can be accessed by learners from any location at any time, and the system would adapt to the device being used so as to provide an uninterrupted user experience. Owing to these features, cloud-based training programs are ideal for remote learning.

Other programs which we offer include Instructor-led Training, Project Support, E-learning Modules, Tech Support BPO Learning, Technical Consulting, Project Management Training, Networking Training, Stress Management Training, several SAP trainings such as SAP Human Capital Management Training and SAP Production Planning Training, and many more.

We are recognised in India and worldwide as a top technology training provider and we can assist you in familiarizing your employees with the latest technologies. Some of the technology trainings which are presently experiencing a high demand include HADOOP Big Data Training, Oracle Virtualization Training, Digital Marketing & SEO Training, 8D Analysis Training, and we excel in all these spheres. We also extend training programs on programming languages such as MATLAB and Python.

Contact us for:

  • Instructor-led Training
  • Cloud-based Training
  • E-learning
  • Soft-skills Training
  • Tech Support & Sales Training (for BPOs)
  • Customer Service Training
To know more about the online and corporate training programs we offer, get in touch with us. We will be happy to introduce you to programs that would best suit your needs. To thrive in a competitive industry, it is necessary to keep honing the skills of employees who are the assets of an organization, and corporate training is the way to go about it. Let us help you through the steps by identifying your needs and suggesting the training programs that would benefit you the most.

Given below are some of the popular corporate training topics:

SAP Technologies Technology Trainings Soft-skills & Other Trainings
SAP HANA Training HADOOP Big Data Training Project Management Training
SAP BI Training ORACLE 11g, 12c Training Agile Methodologies Training
SAP ABAP Training Scrum Master Training Oracle Performance Management & Tuning
SAP BO (Business Objects) Training Oracle Virtualization Training Networking Training
SAP Basis Training Xamarin Training 5 Why Analysis Training
SAP HR Training Python Programming Training 6 Sigma Training
SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) Training MATLAB Training Customer Success & Retention Training
SAP Production Planning (PP) Training Digital Marketing & SEO Business Continuity Training
SAP MM (Materials Management) Training HTML 5 Stress Management Training
SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Training Search Engine Optimization Training 8D Analysis Training
* If your topic is not in this list, no worries - just get in touch with us and we will help you.

Remote IT Infrastructure & Database Maintenance

remote IT infrastructure & database maintenance

REMOTE IT INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT: It is the method through which an organization’s IT infrastructure can be monitored, maintained, and managed from a remote location. The ones responsible for the management possess the ability to fix problems and issues as and when they arise, thereby ensuring that the system functions smoothly without any glitches. Remote IT infrastructure management and maintenance services generally cover all aspects of IT infrastructure including devices, operating systems, data centres, databases, servers, network, applications, security, emails, storage, ERP, support, and services.

Such centralized IT infrastructure management services as the ones we offer reduces the complexity of management and enhances coordination. Besides, once you have bestowed us with the responsibility to maintain and manage your IT infrastructure remotely, your organization would be able to focus on core business issues and growth prospects without having to worry about technical conundrums.

We offer round the clock support to our customers since IT infrastructure can be susceptible to malfunctioning and breakdowns at any hour of the day. It is necessarily a privilege accorded by our remote functioning which enables us to establish a team of experts who would monitor your system 24/7. As such, when any problem is registered it can be solved immediately, preventing a major breakdown and preserving valuable time. With our 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services, we ensure that the risks and threats to your IT infrastructure would be nearly eliminated.

What makes us stand out in this industry is the fact that we employ the most updated technologies available and combine them with the most reliable equipment to ensure that we offer our clients the best support they can ask for. Besides, our services are largely customised depending upon the needs of our clients. Our remote IT infrastructure maintenance and management would most certainly help you to witness a surge in your company’s IT productivity and efficiency, to avail significant business services without hindrance, and to make smart use of automation which saves various resources such as cost, time, and labour.

Hence, with 24x7 monitoring, reduced risks and costs, increased productivity, and customised services, we offer you wholesome remote IT infrastructure maintenance and management solutions well within your IT budget.

REMOTE DATABASE MAINTENANCE & MANAGEMENT: In case of remote database maintenance, the application or the database resides in the client’s system while it is managed remotely by an organization such as ours. The remote database management services we offer include monitoring of all database oriented procedures, monitoring memory segments such as Share Memory, SGA, Memory Buffer Pools, monitoring of physical and logical storage along with data growth, monitoring errors in database through logs, database logging such as Logical Log, Archive Log, and Transaction Log, and monitoring common database issues such as blocking, locking, and others. Apart from these, our services also cover backup monitoring, IO activities related to database, management of database statistics, replication and verification.

There are certain tasks that we perform on a regular basis to make sure that our clients’ databases are functioning perfectly without any potential risks. To avoid any problems which might arise in future, we run performance analysis along with query optimization. License reviews are conducted and vendor management is performed on time. Capacity observation and system planning is carried out diligently. Table growth and data integrity are checked at regular and frequent intervals. Patch reviews and installations are conducted, and security management receives our utmost attention. In addition, we also perform several other advanced database management tasks, and we report to our clients periodically.

Investing in our remote database management services would benefit you immediately by providing you an ROI since you would no longer need to expend resources on hiring, training, or sustaining employees for maintaining the database within the organization.

Implementing our remote database management services has accorded our customers with several other advantages in the past, and this has helped us to grow as one of the leading service providers in this realm.

By engaging our services, our customers are able to:

  • Save as much as 60% of their expenditures on staff
  • Experience enhanced performance and productivity
  • Ensure that there is 24x7 monitoring available for their database
  • Focus on core business concerns without having to worry about the smooth unhindered functioning of the database

Our services can be customised to provide you with the exact degree of assistance you need. To know about our remote database maintenance services, you can contact us by simply leaving us an email.

White-Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Digital Marketing Services

best SEO services Delhi

Tekzilver is a full service web design & development company. With a dynamic team of web developers and search engine optiomization experts we have helped thousands of customers move up their websites through the Google SERP rankings. Our white hat SEO techniques have been found to be consistent and reliable. We are just an email or a phone call away. Send us your requirements for a free quote. A lot of activities make up Search Engine Optimization to get your website up in the Google SERP rankings. A few of them are given below for reference.

We are well-versed with all the strategies and best practices that improve your brand’s visibility. We use keyword rich content along with Google analytics to improve your website’s rankings. There are several SEO strategies at our disposal which you can choose from, or better yet, let us suggest you the best combination of strategies that would work for your brand. You can trust our SEO experts when they tell you that our services would fetch immediately observable ROI.

On-Page SEO Off-Page SEO Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Article Submission PR Submissions Clasifieds Submissions
Blog Syndication Business Profile Submissions Comment Logging
Backlink Creation Directory Submissions YouTube SEO
Video Submissions Customer Reviews & Feedback Management Online Reputation Management
Content Syndication Website Updation and Management Local Business Listings
Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Bing Analytcs Trends and Keyword Research
Google Adwords Management Facebook Ads Twitter Ads
Organizing Webinars Enquiry Response & Management Newsletter Campaigns

A major part of digital marketing today comprises of Social Media Marketing (SMM), and we know exactly how to brush up your brand’s presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. We can improve the reach of your brand, making the global audience conscious about your products through various marketing strategies. We assure you your website will experience a noticeable increase in traffic and business within a few weeks.

ACADEMIC WRITING SERVICES: Our writing services have expanded to encompass the wide arena of academic writing, where we help school, college, and university students to complete their assignments within a stipulated deadline. We have more than 3890 writers from different parts of the globe and have successfully helped 1,00,000+ students with their academic projects. We cover all areas of study including computer science, statistics, humanities, economics, finance, management, healthcare, hotel management, law, engineering, and many more.

Some of the academic tasks we assist students with include:

  • Dissertations
  • College & University Projects
  • Case Studies
  • Research Papers
  • Journals
  • Memos
  • Presentations
  • Computer Programs
  • Custom Essays
  • Online Tutoring
The academic works we deliver are well-researched, free from plagiarism and errors, and adhere to the highest academic standards. We specialize in working on tight deadlines and our services are available 24x7. Our company caters to a global clientele and our past records are the evidence that we help scholars to score nothing but the highest of grades, which makes us best-in-the-industry service providers. Get in touch with us for 100% customised services.


CAD CAM CAE services

COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN (CAD) SERVICES: The AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry is largely dependent on CAD services and we fulfil every possible need that a client might have, ranging from 2-D drafting and 3-D modelling to conversion, animation, rendering, sketchup, design automation and reverse engineering. We use state-of-the-art tools such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Catia to deliver premium services at affordable prices. Our technological skills, experience, and latest softwares and programmes that we use empower us to provide a broad spectrum of services, from planning and designing to implementation and maintenance.

The prerogative of using Computer-Aided Designing systems is that they can sustain databases of entire models or individual parts which are designed with their help, and there is the scope to verify whether these designs meet required standards. Access to such features result in high degree of precision in the works. Besides, they can be used to address multiple requirements of a project: to develop designs from scratch, to fix problems in existing designs, or to provide clients with a virtual tour. CAD systems also make it possible to share the designs among collaborators, and our team of experts make the most of these properties to work together on projects, generating the best end products for clients.

Top three industries which can benefit from our services:

  • Industrial or heavyweight Machinery: 3D modelling for giant industrial machinery is crucial before they can be approved for production, and we can help you with drafting, designing and much more.
  • HVAC industry: We offer all round support to EPC firms, HVAC companies, and MEP professionals
  • Automobile Industry: Our CAD services are ideal for the automobile industry; we continuously work with automobile engineers, assisting them with the designing process.

COMPUTER AIDED MODELLING (CAM) SERVICES: We provide high-end Computer-Aided Modelling services (also known as Computer-Aided Manufacturing services) to go along with our Computer-Aided Designing services. While CAD covers the drafting part of a model, CAM applications pay attention to the process of manufacturing, that is, the assemblies or models which are drafted using CAD applications are employed to create toolpaths which lead the tools to convert the designs into actual machine parts, through the hypothetical use of actual raw materials. The draft or design is created with the CAD application and the process to manufacture those designs into actual products is determined through CAM applications. Dimensions of the parts or the materials to be used are determined during the designing process; during the modelling procedure, the instructions for machinery that would assemble different parts into a whole is defined. We use advanced CAD/CAM softwares such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Catia to achieve these goals.

You can come to us with preconceived designs and we can help you to modify them into models or prototypes. Alternatively, you can use our services for designing as well as modelling purposes. Our primary motif is to meet our clients’ requirements to the minutest detail, and we use their suggestions to develop models in the precise way they desire.

Our A-league CAM services will place you at an advantage compared to your competitors as our CAM-experts with years of experience fuse their technical knowledge with the latest available technologies and the most potent CAD/CAM software to deliver the projects that you envision.

COMPUTER AIDED ENGINEERING (CAE) SERVICES: Computer-Aided Engineering encompasses a huge arena of computer software usage that aids in engineering analysis jobs. CAE is often categorized with CAD and CAM, and together they are referred to as CAx. We use CAE tools to perform various tasks such as optimization, validation, and simulation of manufacturing tools and products. They are also used to gauge the performance and rigour of individual parts and assemblies (which might be designed and modelled through CAD/ CAM applications).

With our advanced CAE tools, we can help our clients to perform design diagnosis or verification through simulations instead of having to invest on physical prototypes. This feature helps to save financial resources while generating reports that are well-nigh accurate. Our team of experts know the correct ways to derive perfect results, which is mostly determined through appropriate input.

Some of the tasks that we perform for our clients include:
  • Stress Analysis on individual parts and assemblies using Finite Element Analysis
  • Thermal and Fluid flow analysis (that is, Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Product and process optimization
  • Analysis of multi-body dynamics


BIM Services Tekzilver

Building Information Modelling: (BIM) entails the use of latest computer technologies to generate virtual representation of buildings which help with the planning, designing, and construction procedures while also enabling the buildings to adhere to environmental and legal standards. BIM has lately found much use in the AEC industry since it provides architects, engineers, and MEP professionals with clarity of vision regarding the planning and execution of the whole project, paying attention to every aspect of the infrastructure from HVAC to energy consumption, lighting, comfort, utility, durability, costs, certifications and more.

We offer the best BIM services in the global industry using leading software such as DesignBuilder and Autodesk Revit. We can not only draft and design any building true to your specification, but we can also customise them thoroughly to meet your certification needs and budget. In the past, our BIM simulation services have helped our clients to see a radical reduction in their estimated cost of construction, which we achieved through several optimization manoeuvres. We are dedicated towards the development of eco-friendly infrastructure that warrants maximum comfort and ROI, but in all cases, the requirements of our customers are prioritised. Additionally, we are equipped to study existing buildings to estimate how they can be remodelled to meet latest construction and environmental standards. No matter the size or the nature of your project, our BIM services can fulfil all your desires and resolve all complex issues. We work with all kinds of buildings including domestic buildings, commercial building, educational institutions, religious institutions, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, industrial buildings, and historical buildings.

Top BIM Services Offered by Tekzilver:
  • BIM Architectural Services
  • BIM MEP Services
  • BIM Structural Services
  • 3D BIM Services
  • 4D and 5D BIM Services
  • Quantity Take-off
  • Revit Family Creation
  • BIM Clash Detection Services
  • 6D and 7D BIM Services

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Tekzilver is a premier corporate training, web & content services, digital marketing & technical services provider operating out of India, Canada & USA. For business enquiries email us at Our customer service team is available online 24x7 & will be happy to answer your questions and assist you.