Best SEO Keyword Research Tools for LSI Keywords

Finding the right SEO keyword research tool for SEO research and analysis has aIways been the top challenge for many Search Engine Optimization experts and Digital Marketers worldwide. This article will tell you how to do keyword resarch for best results. How many times have you wished you could go to one place or one website and find a list of all the best SEO keyword generator for Google, Yahoo & Bing? Of course, the Google keywords suggestion research tool is always there to help you, but you need a little more than that - something that will help you with seo keywords examples, keyword definition and most importantly, assist you with free keyword discovery?

What are Semantic Keywords?

A good latent semantic indexing tool will help you to generate a ton of LSI keywords. If you are not faimiliar wiht semantic keywords, let's just define them as keywords that are related to your main seo keyword in context and logic. A good example of semantic keywords is the set of related searches that show up in the Google SERP page every time you sarch for something. But worry not if you have no clue about what a LSI keyword is. I will come up with an article especially on this topic very soon. For now, just remember, LSI stands for Latent Symantic Indexing. In this article, I have listed out 30 of the best keyword research tools for SEO which will clearly demonstrate how to do keyword research while you are working on your SEO campaigns. If you want a quick review of the basics of SEO, you can look up our previus article on that topic.

30 best seo tools for keyword research

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Google Keyword Planner

Undoubtedly the most popular SEO keyword research tool which is currently used by millions of SEO professionals and digital marketers. To use this free keyword research tool, you will need to sign-in to Google Adwords with your Google id and access it from the Tools Menu or just go to their URL and login using your Google credentials. Google Keyword Planner Tool is free and will allow yo to do your keyword research, get search volumes, check competition for any keyword, compare keywords and a lot more. You can also research keyords for specific countries and regions.

best tools for seo keywod research

Google Suggest

When you open a Google search page and start typing something, have you noticed all the suggestions that automatically appear as you type? That is Google's Auto Suggest function. This is another great functionality provided by Google for SEO keyword research and analysis. It shows you related terms and keywords as you type and search for something. This can be pretty effective when you are researching for keywords or LSI keywords for your SEO campaign.

best tools for seo keywod research

Google Trends

Google Trends can be a very valuable keyword research tool for any Search Engine Marketer - if you get to know how to use it. This free tool from Google will give you a wealth of information about current trends on how often and where any particular keyword(s) is searched. You can compare trends upto 5 search terms or topics. Google trends will also tell you what topics are trending in your region and you can also get that information for any other region or country you choose. This tool will also give you the geographic distribution and search volumes for what you are searching. You can use it for your SEO keyword or LSI keyword research.

google trends research tool

Google Correlate

The simplest explanation of Google Correlate can be that you can use this tool to research for LSI keywords. Google says Google Correlate is nothing but "Google Trends in reverse". Interestingly, this tool contains all the web search activity details from 2003 till now and they update this information every week. You can also upload your own keywords to look for LSI keywords on the topics you are interested in.

google correlate lsi research tool


SEOprofiler is your complete SEO platform that will let your website get higher ranks in Google and other search engines. This is a free tool and offers a number of functionalities including SEO keyword & LSI keyword research. You will need to sign up for a free account using your email id to access their features. You can check for any technical errors on your website or do your keyword research and optimize your pages.

SEOprofiler keyword research tool


SEMRush is undoubtedly one of the most popular keyword, long-tail and LSI keyword research tools and a must-have for every digital marketer. It provides a number of comprehensive features that are very relevant to your SEO work. You can get vital inforation by just entering your websites domain, keyword or url and get an elaborte report of country specific information on their dashboard. Information about organic and paid searches as well as related keywords is available. You can use this tool to do your competitor SEO analysis - just enter their url and see which keywords they have used and which keywords they are ranking for. Though the free version gives you limited information, its still a lot.

google correlate lsi research tool


Soovle is another great SEO keyword generator which you can you can use to get keyword ideas and related keywords. This tool is pretty quick and throws up related keywords from many popular search engines like Amazon, Bing, Google,, Wikipidia, Yahoo & Youtube. You will be redirected to the respective search engine when you click on any of the search queries shown.

google correlate lsi research tool

Symantec Link

Symantic Link is another great online & free SEO keyword research tool using which you can do your keyword research for your Google Adwords campaign. Use this app to discover keywords, related keyword, LSI keywords, synonyms and antonyms. Symantic LInk identifies all words which are symantically related using a method called mutual information (MI). According to them, the higher the value of MI, the better the chance that the words are related symantically. Symantic Link shows you upto 100 related words for each query.

symantic link lsi research tool


Spyfu is probably one of the best tools for competitor research when you are doing your SEO keywords research and analysis. They say they can tell you "every keyword, every organic rank and every ad variation" about your competitors for the past 11 years! Basically, this tool will tell you whatever your competitors did that made them rank higher than you do in the SERPs. you just need to type in your competitor's website url in the search box and hit Search.

spyfu competitor keyword research tool

Keyword Seer

The Web Seer is an interesting tool that generates a visual pattern and suggests related keywords for what you have typed. You can compare results for two keywords or phrases. Try out the tool yourself and make the best use of it. This is a free tool.

web seer keyword research tool

Keyword can be used to generate lsi keywords. The tool itself has a pretty neat interface. You have to select the search engine and language, type in the keyword and hit Search. According to them, is the best alternative to the Google Keyword Planner Tool. Try it out and decide for yourself if that is correct! keyword research tool


SERPs is a free keyword research database. They say their database is updated every 24 hours. Apart from the keyword research tool, they offer a few other free SEO tools as well, Keyword Rank Checker & Google Location Changer. Just type your keyword, solve the captcha and hit Search. Thats it!

serps keyword research tool

Similar Word

Similar Word is another great tool you can use to find synonyms for any seo keyword you are resarching lsi keyword for. You only need to type the word or phrase in their website and hit Search. It will then give you the similar words for your search term. Try it out.

similar word lsi keyword generator tool

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is another free and easy-to-use lsi keyword research tool. Head over to their website, type keyword(s) in the box and hit the "Shit Keywords!" button. You can run the positive or negative to filter out your negative or positive keywords They even give you the option to download all the LSI keywords Keyword Shitter generated for you.

keyword shitter lsi keyword generator tool

LSI Graph

LSI Graph is a great tool you can use to generate LSI keywords for your SEO keyword. Its free and pretty simple to use. All you need to do is to go to their website, enter your keyword into their form, solve the captcha and hit Generate. They're even giving away a free ebook which will tell you how to use the LSI keywords you just generated. Check it out.

lsi graph keyword generator tool

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz has as number of great tools for SEO and their Keyword Explorer is one of them. Though the free version is pretty locked down, you can still run some queries and get a good amount of information. Investing in a paid version would be a great idea, provided you have the budget, requirement and inclination to do it. All you need to do is to type the keyword, select the region & language and hit go. It gives you the monthly search volumes, difficulty levels, ranking opportunities, priority scores, page titles and urls containing the keyword and a lot more. Spend some time to get yourself familiar with this tool and it will be time well-invested.

moz keyword explorer tool

Keyword Finder

KWFinder is the perfect tool to find long-tail keyords with low competition levels. They have a highly limited paid version as well a a couple of licensing options. Choose whichever option suits you best. You can enter your keyword on which you are researching for long tail keyword, select the country and language and you are all set to go. They will give you suggestions for long-tail keywords related to the keyword you provided, the difficulty level to rank for that keyword and Google searches related to that search term.

kwfinder long tail keyword research tool

Majestic Keyword Checker

Majestic Keyword Checker is a paid tool that gives you can use for your keyword, long-tail keywords and LSI keywords research. It will give you geographic information of search volumes along with the number of times your keyword of phrase was found in the anchor tags, title tags and urls.

Niche Laboratory

Niche Laboratory is a great and free SEO keyword research tool using which you can do your keyword research, find related long-tail keywords as well as find the LSI keywords. That apart, it provides you with a lot of additional information like:

  • An executive overview of major niches.
  • LSI keywords and phrases for your query/keyword.
  • 10 top ranking websites for the topic.
  • A word-cloud of prominent words in your topic.
  • Description and Keyword meta-tags for 10 top ranking websites for your search.
  • Related images.
  • Google News, Amazon and AliExpress products related to your search....and more.
All you have to do is to enter your search term or keyword and wait for it to generate your report - this usually takes a few minutes, so you will have to be patient.

niche laboratories seo and lsi keywod research tool

Xenu Link Sleuth

This is a freely downloadable desktop application whos primary job is to check for broken links within a website. So how can you use it for keyword research? Simple. When you enter the url of any website, Xenu Link Sleuth gives you the title and descriptions of all the pages in the website. You can use this information from your competitors website for your own keyword research. Yes. The image does look a little weird. :)

xenu link sleuth seo keywod research tool

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Screaming Frog, is a website crawler that gives you a ton of information about any website. It will tell you about broken links, meta-titles and descriptions used by your competitors, find duplicate content in your website and a lot more. But we are interested in its ability to pull up keywords and descriptions meta-tags from which we can make a list of all the keywords used by your competitors. This is also a downloadable desktop application which comes in two versions - free and a paid one. Just go with the free version or buy their licensed version if you wish. It's really up to you.


Wikipedia can be a good source of LSI keywords. Search for the product or service you are looking for and check out the related keywords it suggests. Make a list of them and use it for your own keyword research.

wikipedia LSI keywod research tool

Topvisor Keyword Tool

Topvisor is an online SEO keyword research tool which you can also use for researching long-tail keywords as well as LSI keywords for your SEO campaign. This tool not only helps you with identifying the best keywords for your SEO campaign, but it also helps to identify the long-tail and LSI keywords for your main keyword. Topvisor is also a keyword clustering, website rank checker and auditing tool. You will need to sign up with your email id for their free services.

topvisor seo keywod research tool

SERPStat Tool

SERPStat is a free all-in-one SEO platorm. You can do your SEO research based on Google or Yandex search engines. You can enter a keyword, URL or domain name and get a ton of information. Use this application for keyword analysis, search analysis, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, on-page audit and rank tracking.

serpstat seo keywod research tool


Mondovo is another great SEO research tool which you can use for your keyword research. You will first need to confirm your email address by providing them with your email address for which they offer you a $3 credit which is good for 7 days only. During this time you can try out their services and then decide to sign-up or otherwise. They you are offerred a number of tools from which you can select what you want to use. Using their tools you can analyze your website for SEO opportunities, Social Media Optimization opportunities as well as run their version of Mondovolytics. Great tool for website audit, keyword research, competitor keywords, link research and a lot more.

mondovo seo keywod research tool


Ahrefs gives you some pretty detailed information which will help you understand why your competitors are ranking higher than your own website and what you need to do to get better rankings than them. Use this tool for keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor anaysis, content analysis, URL Rating, Domain Rating, check referring pages and domains & check anchor texts. You can also get the Ahrefs rank for your domain, compared to other domains. It has a number of features that will give you a lot of information but you will need to spend some time to get used to the tool to make the best use of it.

mondovo seo keywod research tool

Ultimate Keyword Hunter

Ultimate Keyword Hunter Tool is a free SEO keyword research tool, which you can dowonload to your computer and use it for your LSI keyword research. Their download page says they only have a MS Windows version. If you wish to run it on a Mac, you will have to run it on a virtual machine. Create high quality and higher ranking content with some help from this app. We tried to download it but the download button on their website did not seem to be working. Let us know if any of you have better luck. We would like to try it out too.

Uber Suggest

UberSuggest can be used for your SEO & LSI keyword research, PPC and Content Marketing campaigns. They say you can even find keywords that are not available on Google. Take a look at their video for more information.

SEO Hero Tech

This is still a beta version and offers a number of functionalities. They offer a topic explorer to help you create high-quality websites based on good content strategies. You can use this for your SEO keyword research as well as to identify LSI keywords.

seo hero lsi keywod research tool

Keyword research is the first and the most important part of your online marketing strategy. If you want to rank higher for your keywords, go for LSI keywords and use them in the right places in your web page, instead of stuffing them all over, which could get you penalized by Google.

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