About Us

Tekzilver is a fairly young company run by a team of highly dedicated professionals. The core team of Tekzilver is made up of industry experts from IT, Management, Service Delivery, Digital Marketing, Mobile Applications and Finance.

We have learnt to work collaboratively - not only for the benefit of the company, but also to the benefit of our employees and customers. For us, our customers and our employees are equally important. We strive to provide enough opportunities for our employees to flourish and grow. We work in an environment where every individual is treated with respect and dignity.

The same principle applies to our customers as well - our customers are important to us and we do everything possible to meet their requirements. Our operations are simple and transparent and designed to meet your speciic needs. We deliver what we say and tell you what we can deliver. No over-promising and under-delivering. True, we might run into challenging situation at times, but we always have an open discussion with our customers and arrive at a mutually acceptable solution.

And oh! we should tell you, that we are experts in bootstrapping. So, don't be surprised if you find one individual with multiple capabilities. And we are environment friendly too - we try to be as paperless as possible.


If you have a business enquiry, email us on contact@tekzilver.com. We generally respond to business queries in a few minutes. We love to work, that's why we work 24x7, including weekends and holidays. You can be sure to reach at least one of our core members anytime of the day or night.

You can also chat with us on our website. Anytime, all through the year.