Terms and Conditions

We work in a multi-cultural environment. Though we have individuals who work for us remotely from different countries and different timezones, we always manage to deliver as one single team. We are an equal opportunity employer. Given below are a common set of instructions for all our associates and employees.

  • Quality of work is non-negotiable. We expect our experts to write well researched and original work.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. Please write your own stuff.
  • Please format your work properly and follow the correct referencing guidelines.
  • Please use titles, headings, sub-headings, lists and images in your articles appropriately.
  • Payment to our experts is done by bank transfer at the end of every calendar month. Please make sure you update your bank account (account name & IFSC code) and PAN card details with us.
  • TDS as per federal government notifications will apply for all payments.
  • Please do not share your payment/remuneration details with other employees/colleagues.
  • Please complete and submit work allocated to you on time. ¬†Delays are equally frowned upon, similar to Plagiarism. Stay away from both.
  • Submitting on time may even win you a surprise bonus, from time to time.
  • Working from home is a privilege. Please utilize your time constructively.
  • If you have expertise in multiple domains, please let us know so we can send you more work.
  • Do not wait until the last moment and try to complete the assignments in a hurry. All assignments go through internal QA checks and will be rejected if what you write does not meet our quality standards or our customers' requirements.
  • Do not share the questions or the answers you write with any third party. These are confidential information and meant for restricted use only.
  • Remember, what you write will have a direct impact on our customers academic standing. Please deliver only your best work.
  • It's okay to decline an assignment than deliver poor quality and having it rejected by our QA team or the customer.
  • If in doubt, just drop an email to contact@tekzilver.com¬†and request for clarification. Do not assume anything.